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Fostering Vedic Values is a series of 10 books for children of all ages. The core content of the book originates from the Vedas and helps children understand key Vedic spiritual principles and moral values.Focus is also given to imbibing the spirit of patriotism, awareness of India’s rich heritage, moral values, compassion towards all living beings including animals,social service and other human values.

Each book has 12-16 chapters written in a story format with colourful illustrations to make it interesting for young readers. Each chapter narrates a story that conveys a value, which is then reinforced by simple exercises and activities.

As a continuation of the tradition of the Rishis who passed on the Vedic knowledge freely to one and all, there is no copyright on the content of this book. One may seek permission and copy its content for educational purposes. Any other unauthorized duplication or modification of the content is not permitted.


A comprehensive guide to Agnihotra and the mantras that are chanted during Havan. Translations of the mantras are provided in English.

Listen to the 59 slokas and the Agnihotra prayer recited by DAV students.

Agnihotra Prayer



Carefully prepared by the Nursery team of DAV focusing on Indian cultural heritage and to promote the spirit of patriotism amongst the tiny tots.​The books include a variety of fun activities suitable for the age group.

LKG – Set of 6 books

UKG – Set of 10 books including a Phonetic Reader

Prajya News Magazine

Prajya - Monthly News Magazine for Children

Prajya magazine compiles important news and significant developments in the previous month both in India and around the world in a crisp and coherent manner.  Each issue of Prajya contains General knowledge articles on fascinating historical monuments and heritage sites, delightful geographical features of India, factual details about the mind boggling biodiversity of India, important initiatives at the national and global scale, stimulating brain teasersthought provoking campaigns leading to constructive and purposeful action and much more.

Prajya September 2021 Newsletter

Prajya August 2021 Newsletter

Prajya July 2021 Newsletter

Prajya June 2021 Newsletter

Prajya May 2021 Newsletter

Prajya April 2021 Newsletter

Prajya March 2021 Newsletter

Prajya February 2021 Newsletter

Prajya January 2021 Newsletter

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Computers play a vital role in the modern world, and even some of the most basic tasks today involve technology. Therefore, Computer Education becomes essential in any student’s development. Expertise in computing enables children to think critically, be more creative and innovative giving space for both collaborative work and individual effort.

The enriched curriculum therefore covers a wide variety of topics across various classes: TUXPAINT, MS Word 2007 (Level I, II & III) ; MS Excel 2007 (Level I, II & III); MS PowerPoint 2007 (Level I & II); Image / Photo editing software using GIMP 2.8; Scratch Programming; HTML Programming; Web creation tool using WordPress.

The curriculum uses only open source software (freely available on the Internet) installed in Windows 7 Operating system. However, the same features are available in later versions of Windows also.

You can download books free of charge using the links below